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Is your church in need of tending loving car from the Amega Cleaning team?

Amega Cleaning Services is a trusted name when it comes to professional CHURCH carpets cleaning in Edenvale

Carpeting is an excellent choice for churches because it absorbs sound, particularly in large setting of people. But, because churches get lots of traffic from people coming in and out from the outdoors, the carpets can dirty very fast. Keeping the carpet clean can be a challenge, but Amega Cleaning can help.  We offer special commercial rates for all religious institutions.

We disinfect and sanitize all church carpets we clean

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Church Carpet Cleaning Edenvale

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Church Carpet Cleaners Edenvale

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 At Amega Cleaning service we strives to provide an inarguably first class, responsive Carpet Cleaning service that promotes a cleaner, healthier religious environment. 

How we clean Church Carpets

At Amega Cleaning we use the extraction method for deep intense cleaning of carpets for homes and offices. 

We combine the use of industrial cleaning equipment (equipped with 2 three stage 1400 watt motors) together with top quality cleaning agents for best results. 

We only use environmentally friendly non toxic chemical that is safe for children, animals and the elderly

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About Amega Church Carpet Cleaners

Carpet Cleaners Kempton Park

We are a small carpet cleaning business.  We service and work on a one-on-one basis with our customers in making their cleaning experience a seamless one.

Since the beginning (2008) we have always had one goal – to provide excellence in all we do.  We strive to provide the best in value and quality when it comes to Carpet cleaning in Kempton Park

Over the years we’ve seen our business grown to become an industry leader, helping 100’s of homes and businesses every year. We have all the necessary machinery and chemicals to deal with every type of textile and fabric.

Church Carpet Cleaning Edenvale
Church Carpet Cleaning Edenvale
Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Along with Carpet Cleaning we also offer the following services:

Church Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning
We deep clean furniture including church chairs, couches and sofas

Rug Cleaning
We specialize is clean all types of area rugs on site

Removal of stains and odors

We disinfect and sanitize everything we clean

Why choose Amega Cleaning to wash your church carpets?

Whether its arrival for a specific time for you, or peace of mind knowing that we can restore you carpets and upholstery, or just making sure everything is put back in its proper place, AMEGA Cleaning will provide you with a service like you have never had before.

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Why is church carpet cleaning important?

Church Carpet Cleaning Edenvale

The carpets in churches do need to be professionally cleaned regularly just like any other carpet.  Of course it is the soil in a carpet that wears it prematurely.  Removing this soil will prolong the life of the carpets and keep it looking fresh and good. 

We recommend yearly cleaning for these types of premises. Churches will often have considerable foot traffic. Also this traffic will be coming straight in from outside bringing soiling in. Removing this soil is important for the life of the carpet.

Over the counter products and consumer-grade cleaners dont offer the type of power that’s required for thoroughly cleaning your church carpets. Having your carpets cleaned by our carpet cleaning service ensures every carpet fiber looks as good as new. In addition, we only use organic products, so there’s no risk to children and elderly.

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