Water Extraction Bedfordview

Water Extraction Bedfordview (Amega Cleaning)

Water is quite possible the most damaging element that can attack your home, even more so that fire.  People who have been unfortunate enough to experience both will testify that given the choice, they would rather clean up fire damage than water.  The reason is simple, fire contains its damage to one area, whereas water can cause damage and continue causing damage for as long as it is allowed to remain untreated.  Water gets into areas of your home where you may not think to look, and can cause long term problems such as the rotting of wood, rusting of metals, and overall weakening of the support structure for your home of business.

Water damage needs to addressed quickly.  The longer you wait, the worse the damage can be, and the more costly the repairs.  The water will need to be removed from the house, a process knows as water extraction, and then all surfaces will have to be completely dried, cleaned, disinfected and sanitized.  If mold is present, it will need to be removed and the area properly treated to prevent its return.

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We are specialist in flood water extraction for offices and homes. If you are left the tap on and your carpets are flooded , did you know that you dont have to replace them if you call us?

Do you know that our emergency  flood water extraction team is available 24/7 

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